Our goal is to provide you with affordable healthcare. Prior to scheduling an appointment, contact your Insurance Coverage Provider to verify your eligibility and terms of your benefits. Some insurance plans do require referrals, preauthorization from your primary care provider or have restrictions for In-Network and Non-Network Providers. Our office will not be able to answer questions about your specific plan. Your insurance company can answer these questions about your plan. Just call the number on the back of your insurance card. If your insurance coverage is Non-Network or you do not have health insurance you may still be serviced by our office. See our Self-Pay and Non-Network Policies below.


-AIG Non-Network Insurance Coverage Policy

-AIG No Insurance Self-Pay Policy


Contact edgeMed, our billing specialists at (866)313-0337 for:

-Billing inquiries

-Cost estimates

-Procedure Codes

-Or any other additional billing related information